Hello, World!

Having my own blog has been on my wish list for quite some time. Even before I created this site I had toyed with the idea of starting a blog. Well, it looks like I have finally gotten around to doing it, as I happily present to you my first blog post.

As I see it now, the main theme of this blog will be computer science (big surprise!). I plan to post about projects that I am working on and share interesting pieces of code that I come across. Maybe I will even write some posts dealing with theoretical computer science in the form of problems that I like or synopses of papers that I am reading.

In particular, I will likely post my weekly updates about the Elm for iOS and Android project here. For those who don’t know, I was chosen to be a participant in Google Summer of Code 2017 and was paired up with the Elm Software Foundation. Elm is a functional programming language for front-end web development that boasts features like no runtime errors and incredibly informative debugging messages. My project is to figure out how to best extend the language for mobile app development. (Think something like React Native, with a bridge between Elm code and native iOS APIs.)

Anyway, I’m quite excited for this blog and hope you are as well. I have three goals for this blog that I would like to mention.

  1. Share my passion. I am enthusiastic about the material I plan on writing about. I hope to convey this passion to you the readers via my posts.

  2. Create novel content. Without interesting content, there will be no readers, and without readers, there will be no blog. If there is some topic that you are itching for me to write about, please let me know. I am still trying to determine my vision for the future of this blog, so I welcome any suggestions on content or otherwise.

  3. Become a better writer. I must admit that writing has never been one of my strong suits. I have always been more of a “math/science” person. That being said, I would like to work on improving my writing and storytelling, and I see this blog as a great avenue to accomplish that goal.

And with those three goals in mind, I say: Hello, world! and welcome to my blog.